Sugar Land is known for its close community with excellent schools and wonderful places to live. Quite a few residents commute to Houston for work or may even prefer to enroll their children in Houston schools, leaving them to rely on cars. However, in order to ensure your car remains safe and in good condition, it needs to be housed in a garage, and the garage door is the perfect shield. That said, it can be easy to take this part of your home for granted, resulting in you overlooking garage door maintenance services in Sugar Land.

4 Garage Door Maintenance Services In Sugar Land

Without garage door maintenance services in Sugar Land, you would not be able to easily leave your home in your car or keep your home protected from intruders. Here are four garage door maintenance services in Sugar Land you can take advantage of at Garage Door Installation & Repair:

1. Inspection

Inspections are one of the most essential garage door maintenance services in Sugar Land. The technicians perform a slew of tests to ensure your garage door is operating properly. Additionally, they will also look out for any signs of potential problems and address them right away before they get worse. Another item on the garage door inspection checklist is a balance test, which allows the technician to see if the garage door springs need adjusting.

2. Spring Adjustment

If your garage door doesn’t pass the balance check part of the inspection, you can rely on the same technicians to adjust the springs. The adjustment process varies depending on whether your garage door uses torsion or extension springs. While it might be tempting to do this task yourself, springs are responsible for carrying the weight of the door, so you’re better off trusting a professional and avoiding risking injury to yourself or others.

spring adjustment garage door maintenance services in sugar land

3. Roller Lubrication And Replacement

Like springs, rollers can also be risky to work with if you aren’t a trained or experienced garage door technician. For this reason, you should take advantage of garage door maintenance services in Sugar Land that involve cleaning, lubricating, and replacing rollers. The lubrication process for rollers varies depending on whether they’re made of nylon or steel. As for what lubrication should be used, always use lithium or silicone-based grease instead of substances like WD-40, which actually work as degreasers. Replacing the rollers should be done when the rollers themselves are visibly worn, damaged, or at the end of their lifespan.

4. Weatherproofing

Finally, you can trust a professional garage door technician to take care of all maintenance that concerns weatherproofing. This typically involves cleaning certain kinds of weatherstripping, replacing them, and even upgrading insulation materials. While you could do your own weatherproofing, our technicians have access to the latest and greatest weatherproofing materials to protect your garage door in the most extreme conditions. If your current weatherproofing is ineffective, you can also rely on a technician to provide alternative solutions that will hopefully make a difference.

Keep Your Garage Door In Prime Condition With Garage Door Installation & Repair!

We hope that these four garage door maintenance services in Sugar Land come in handy. You can address small problems before they worsen with our inspections. We will also ensure your springs and rollers are in the best shape possible for smooth operation. Finally, we will protect your garage door with our state-of-the-art weatherproofing services. These are just some of the highlights of our maintenance services at Garage Door Installation & Repair. Even if you don’t suspect anything wrong with your garage door but want to play it safe, you should still seek out our services, so contact us today.